Economy Model Cultipacker


As the name suggests, this is a cheaper version of a cultipacker. This design utilizes a poly-corrugated 6″ pipe filled with weight and pulled by a chain. Due to the shallow grooves in the tubing, this model is best suitable for light soils (no clay or heavy loam). Even on light, sandy soils, it does not leave a deep-V groove like the Deluxe Model, but it will still help flatten out lumps in the soil and provide seed much better germination than leaving it sit on top of the soil or disking it too deep. Its primary advantage is that it can be fairly easily transported in the back of a truck if necessary and can be made to a variety of lengths. If an individual had access to a larger diameter piece of corrugated tubing, by using the guidelines described for the 6″ model, one could easily make a heavier unit more suitable for heavier soils.

Price: $9.95 (Michigan residents add 6% sales tax)
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Mailed version: $12.95 (Michigan residents add 6% sales tax)
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