Twin Sized Bunk/Loft Plans

We have designed the most advanced bunk and loft bed system out there! This design meets college dorm requirements and can be modified to several variations easily. Such variations include upper and lower bunks, a clothes hanging rod, a desk, shelves, etc. Instead of being constructed with 2 x 4 lumber, you will have a strong unit constructed of 2 x 6 material. Because of the unique construction, it can be easily taken apart and put back together! These plans are designed for a single twin sized bed with the dimensions of 39″ x 75″ and a 6″-8″ thick mattress. A long twin sized mattress is 36″ x 80″. The long twin sized mattress will fit on the upper loft, but will have a couple inches of space to spare on each side which can be compensated for very easily! Adjustments to account for mattress thickness is easy and we will show you how. Plans are downloaded and in PDF format, so you don’t have to worry about losing the plans or damaging them. Once you receive these plans, they can be printed out on standard 8.5” x 11” paper. Or, if you prefer mailed copies instead of a PDF, we can mail you the plans (extra charges apply for mailed copies).

Overall size of the bed is 46″ x 82″ x 77-1/2″, however the 77-1/2″ will be taller if your mattress thickness is greater than 6″-8″. The distance from the floor to the underside of the loft bed is 59-1/2″.

Key features of this design include:

1) 2″ x 6″ construction and the strongest design guaranteed! (Most plans are completely made of flimsy 2″ x 4″ frame construction with a 2″ x 2″ support rail to support the upper bunk! We do use 2″ x 4″ for some components, but the key components are 2″ x 6″)

2) A central beam under the upper loft- (We have not see any other plans with this feature. The other plans out there require the support rails that go from leg to leg to carry the load. Our plan utilizes a central beam that supports an option of either a plywood mattress support, or dimensional lumber).

3) Multi-purpose- (With other plans, you are stuck with what you get. By simply building a shelf to our guidelines, more can be added, or one can be moved around to upper levels. The shelf construction is the same as the desktop construction as well. Likewise, an additional bed can be added easily).

4) Material List- (We are supplying you with a bill of material list in this listing, so you know up front how much your bed will cost. Nobody else is doing that!)

5) All straight cuts!- (Compared to other beds, you will be able to quickly cut and assemble the loft bed. Also, other plans require difficult and unnecessary interlocking joints with glue. Because of the center leg on this design and the sturdy 2″ x 6″ ladder rungs, you will have a bed unit that can be disassembled and reassembled from house to house, home to college dorm room, garage to back of truck or van, etc. In fact, with the center leg feature, the ladder rungs can be quickly positioned back in place after it is disassembled, or each end can remain assembled and moved from place to place; whichever you desire!)

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